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-Kyle & Tyler

Attn Hockey Players: Yale Needs Your Help

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Jeremy - February 10, 2007 - 9:32 pm

After all the excitement from last nights win over Brown, the Golden Knights were up against another Ivy opponent. Yale came to town, but it was more of a recruiting event than a hockey game.

The first period started off slow, but with less than four minutes remaining, Weller scored his second goal in as many knights, and this one was short handed. Clarkson looked to the second going in ahead, 1-0. The next goal would come on a powerplay from a familiar face: Shawn Weller. From here on out the 2nd was all about CU, with Rutherglen and Crowe tacking one on each, ending the period with the Knights ahead, 4-0.

So we enter the third, and here comes the big bad Yale, or lack there of. They were able to amount to one goal, but it was Guthrie that capped it all off with another power play goal.

If there is one thing learned from tonights game, it is that Yale needs some new hockey players. All in all the saws were unsheathed 5 times, Clarkson embarrassing Yale, 5-1.

Around the Bowl, Down the Hole, Go Brown Go

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Jeremy - February 9, 2007 - 9:49 pm

I am sure all of the real CU hockey fans out there remember last years regular season finale where Brown was flushed 8-2 with all sorts of Bonesaw mayhem.

With that in mind, Brown once again stunk up Cheel Arena tonight as Clarkson begins their first of there four game homestand to end the season. It was the mighty feces brigade that drew first blood on a powerplay goal just over 1 minutes into the game. But, D'Alvise came back with Clarkson's first powerplay goal of the night around 4 minutes later. Weller was next to score and it is possible that he simply just looked at the puck and it shot itself in. Before the end of the period, Brown tallied one more point, score standing 2-2.

A little past 13 minutes into the 2nd, Zalewski scored on yet another powerplay, putting CU ahead, 3-2. They would not lose the lead again. Clitsome took a goal for himself, unassisted, just a minute after that. Finally, Sullivan ended the 2nd period burst, scoring with less than 3 minutes to go, closing the period at 5-2.

The 3rd period was all about Leggio. Brown was able to mighty up 12 smelly shots on goal, and Leggio looked like a wall, allowing only 1 to slip by with about 2 minutes remaining in the game.

That would be all she wrote for the game, as the Pep-Band and whatever hardcore Bonesaw Brigaders were able to raise their saws five times, as the Clarkson Golden Knights pass the bowel movement that is Brown, 5-3.

With Quinnipiac losing to Dartmouth tonight, and the Sluzers unfortunately winning over Yale, Clarkson now sits in 2nd place 1 point ahead of Quinnipiac, and 2 points behind the Saints. There are only 5 games left, so this will be a tight race to the finish.

Vote for Sullivan!

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Kyle - February 8, 2007 - 5:26 pm

The voting for who participates in the Frozen Four Skills Challenged has opened up, so now this is your chance to vote for Clarkson's very own Mike Sullivan.

You know you want to see Sullivan bonesaw the competition, so head over to that link and give him your vote now!

And also check out:

Vote for Clarkson's Lindsay Williams for the women's Frozen Four Skills Challenge. Support the Golden Knights as they will rise up and dominate this competition with the power of the Bonesaw.

4 Game Weekend

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Jeremy - February 8, 2007 - 5:25 pm

Here it comes...the last home stretch of the regular season. This weekend there are 4 home games between the guys and ladies of the Green and Gold.

Be sure to show your support as the men tackle Brown (7PM Friday) and Yale (7PM Saturday), and the women take on Princeton (3PM Saturday) and Quinnipiac (2PM Sunday).


John Madden's Input on the Golden Knight's Season

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Jeremy - February 6, 2007 - 2:55 pm

I decided to sit down with John Madden the other day to see what he had to say about how the Clarkson Golden Knights have performed thus far in the 2006-2007 season. Here is what happened:

So Mr. Madden, how bout a little recap of how the Golden Knight's season has been so far.
There are only two teams with better records than Clarkson in the ECAC, so that means they are in third place. Overall the Knights are 17-7-4, and in the ECAC they have mounted an impressive 9-4-3 resume. In games where CU was able to score more points than their opponents, they won, and in games where the opponents scored more, they lost. Every now and then both teams would score the same amount of points, this was called a tie.

What do you think of Clarkson's very own David Leggio in the net?
Every time the puck is shot in his direction, he is expected to stop it. That is the goalie's job. As of right now, he only has 36 goals against him, which puts him with the least points allowed in the ECAC. This guy is good, and I expect to see more solid game play in the future. Paws....he just gets them big old paws on the puck nearly every time it comes near him.

How do you see the Knight's offense performing in the coming weeks?
In games where they have won, the offense has really put on a good show, and in games where they lost, they really just didn't do enough. I'm predicting the offense to really kick it into gear to end the season and BOOM!!! Look out ECAC playoffs. I wouldn't be surprised if the other teams forfeit so they don't risk humiliation facing Clarkson.

One last question; Where do you see Shawn Weller's role here on out?
Now this is a guy who has what I call "The Football Factor". He likes big hits, and if the other guy doesn't get up after a Weller attack, it means he did his job. This guy will be a key in stopping the other teams' attacks on net, and he will make them pay for their efforts.

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