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Halfway through the season, CU Prevails

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Jeremy - March 10, 2007 - 10:14 pm

It was a tough showdown tonight between Carkson University and Yale. The Golden Eagles went to the ice looking to improve their record from 3-4-1. Leggio was in CU's net, and he was really in for a struggle.

In the first period, Clarkson was able to get off 32 shots against Tobias in Princeton's net, and Cayer scored twice in the period. But to add to the already spectacular start, Weller sent three of the Dartmouth players to Canton-Potsdam Hospital.

The second period was a little scary, as Hartford was able to get off one whole shot on Clarkson's end, and it was stopped easily by Leggio. However, it wasn't such good news for Tobias, as Dodge and Zalewski each put in a shot. The period ended 4-0.

Only 15 seconds into the third period, Clitsome pulled off a spectacular goal, by actually hitting the puck so hard it was engulfed in flames and burned through the goalies glove. Then, 3 minutes later, Sullivan bounced the puck off the rafters, off the goalies helmet, and into the net. Considering how hard Yale was trying, and just to give them a little confidence, George Roll pulled Leggio, leaving an empty net, and even though there were 13 shots on this empty net, they just couldn't score, so to be nice Mason put one in for them.

The game ended with 6 Bonesaws, the Green and Turquois winning 6-1.

Please let me know if there is any non-factual information in the above post. The real game recap is posted below this one.

Harvard Bends Over and Takes It

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Jeremy - March 9, 2007 - 9:57 pm

Tonight marked the first game of a two out of three quarterfinal series between the Clarkson Golden Knights and the Harvard Crimson. Hopes were high amongst CU fans, as Clarkson defeated Harvard in both regular season games.

The first period was probably as sloppy as it could get, and Murphy definitely made his presence known, calling 6 penalties, 2 on CU, 4 on Harvard. The Crimson proved their math skills as worthiness to be Ivy League students by getting called twice for too many men on the ice. The period ended with just 6 shots on Harvard's goal, and only 3 on Clarkson's end with a score of 0-0.

It seemed as if a new team skated onto the ice for the second, as the Knight's finally started to get back into the groove by taking control of the puck. Then, just over ten minutes in, Brodie Rutherglen worked the puck past Tobe in the Crimson goal. This was just one of CU's 7 shots on goal in the second period, while Harvard couldn't do anything on their 18 shots.

With the score 1-0, and the third period underway, the game once again became a free for all, with the puck jumping back and forth, from end to end. The fans got a chance to confuse and irritate Tobe in net, with a "bend over" chant that lasted at least 2 minutes. Clarkson jumped into action on a powerplay with a goal by Nick Dodge fourteen minutes into the third. The Crimson sent Tobe to the bench, desperate to tie things up, only to allow Shawn Weller to break free and score the games final goal on an empty net.

The quarterfinals really heated up as the Bonesaw's chop up Harvard 3 times, and the Golden Knights take game one, 3-0.

All other scores in the ECAC can be viewed to the right.

Storm Alert: Chance of Bonesaws, Scattered Bostonians

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Jeremy - March 6, 2007 - 5:13 pm

After having this weekend off, the Golden Knights look to face the Harvard Crimson in the 2007 Quarterfinals. Once again this will be a best out of 3 series with games played in Cheel Arena on Friday, Saturday and Sunday(if necessary). The puck drops at 7PM on each night. All of the other matches can be viewed on the right side of this page.

This weekend will be the final games played during the ECAC season in Cheel Arena, so be sure to get tickets if you can. Some 50 or so student tickets are still available for $3 with I.D. The semi-finals and championship will be moved to neutral territory next weekend, in Albany, NY, at the Times Union Center. The semi-finals will be played on Friday (one loss elimination), and the championship on Saturday.

The full brackets can be viewed here.

On a more serious matter... members of the Bonesaw Brigade located in Powers 1 have informed us that the Chainsaw Bonesaw has been stolen. We ask that all guilty parties please come foward immediately and return the saw, and no harm will come to them. If not, Weller will find you, and well... you know what happens then.

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