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Lady Knights Advance to the Semi Finals with 2-1 Win over Princeton

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Jeremy - March 2, 2008 - 10:19 pm

The Knights forced game three against Princeton with a 3-2 OT win in game two and hoped to carry that momentum into today’s deciding contest.

Right away the pressure was heavy on the Tigers, and the Green and Gold battered Kristen Young in Princeton’s net. Marie-Jo Gaudet put the Knights in the early lead with a goal at 5:54 with some assistance from Genevieve Lavoie and Carlee Eusepi. Half a minute later Clarkson found themselves with a power play opportunity and just as that advantage was about to expire, it was Gaudet again, this time assisted by Jessica Cloutier, scoring her second goal of the game and adding to the CU lead.

The game became a little more tense in the second period as Princeton’s offense was putting a lot more pressure on Eve Grandmont-Berube in Clarkson’s net. There was a power play opportunity in the middle of the period, but the Knights were not able to pad the lead anymore. Princeton jumped on the board and cut their deficit in half with a goal at 11:34.

In the third period the Tigers really launched an all out attack on Berube, but they also fell victim to two penalties that allowed Clarkson to regain their footing. Shot after shot was deflected by Berube to hold the Golden Knight’s slim lead. After the clock ticked below two minutes, Young was pulled from Princeton’s net, and the Tigers launched a 6 on 5 campaign on CU, but the seconds kept falling off the board while the Knights and Berube held tight until the very end.

The Bonesaws attacked twice in the first period, and that was all the Ladies needed as the Clarkson Golden Knights advance to the ECAC Semi-Finals after defeating the Princeton Tigers 2-1 in game three of the quarterfinals.

Friday, March 7th the Golden Knights will face first seeded Harvard at their home ice for the first Semi-Finals showdown at 1 PM. The ECAC Championship will take place on Saturday between the winner of this game and the winner of the game between S.L.U.(t) and Dartmouth.

Good Luck Girls, you have earned your place thus far, time to show those Bostonians who the best team in Women’s D-I Hockey really is!!!

Clarkson Goes Unbeaten at Home for ECAC Play in 2007-2008

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Jeremy - March 2, 2008 - 1:12 am

We knew we were in for a special evening at Cheel Arena as the Clarkson Golden Knights had six Senior members who were about to play in their final regular season ECAC game in front of their home crowd at Cheel Arena (however they will be playing at home in two weeks for the ECAC Quarterfinals). Our grads this year are Captain Nick Dodge, Assistant Captains Grant Clitsome and Steve Zalewski, Mike Arciero, David Cayer, and David Leggio.

All six Seniors started the game and right away were able to put quite a bit of pressure on Bud Fisher in Quinnipiac’s net. For those of you that don’t remember, Bud Fisher is the sieve that blew the ECAC Championships last year, as the Knights scored 4 goals in the third period to come back from a 2 goal deficit. Anyhow, Fisher held his ground at first, but at 10:51 that all changed with a goal from Bryan Rufenach assisted by Chris D’Alvise and Scott Freeman. Three minutes later, Clitsome scored a short-handed goal on Fisher with some help from Matt Beca and Lauri Tuohimaa. Clarkson hit the ice with a powerplay three minutes after that and D’Alvise flipped it right by Bud with assistance from Dodge and Zalewski. It wasn’t over yet, as 3 minutes later, Zalewksi scored the 2nd short-handed goal of the game, assisted by Clitsome and Beca, as the Knights closed the 1st period up 4-0. Bud Fisher would enter the locker room and never return to the game.

The 2nd period started and Clarkson was still on the same penalty kill that the 4th goal was scored during when Beca gave the new sieve, Pat McGann, a taste of his own short-handed goal with some assistance from Zalewski only 23 seconds into play. McGann got it again at 1:41 as Arciero scored a goal with help from Tim Marks and Tuohimaa. Around halfway through the period, David Leggio skated to the bench after shutting down 12 shots on goal, and Tim Potter came out to get his first ECAC action of the season, and throughout the rest of the period post 6 saves of his own to keep Quinnipiac off the board.

In the 3rd period, Quinnipiac found themselves on the strong side of a 5 on 3 powerplay for nearly a full two minutes, but Potter was solid and the Clarkson defense cleared the puck several times to preserve the Green and Gold shutout. At 5:06 Cayer was the final Senior to jump on the  board with a point, scoring a goal with assistance from Shea Guthrie and Brandon DeFazio. Over the rest of the period Quinnipiac players were taking cheap shot after shot, and penalties were given out as if Murphy was on the ice (in other words both teams were getting penalized, even though Quinnipiac was the only team that deserved it). Quinnipiac also decided to put in their third string goalie just for the hell of it, so it was Dan Cullen's turn to taste the wrath of the Bonesaw. Tim Potter was solid, stopping each attempt the Bobcats made to break the shutout, and to close the game like he started it, Rufenach posted his 2nd goal of the night on a power play with assistance from Freeman and Tuohimaa leaving 8 total goals on the board, and 2:12 left to play. The Knights successfully held the puck and got off a few more shots as the clock ticked away.

So, on this Senior Night 2008, the Bonesaws were more than ferocious in their attacks dropping on three Quinnipiac sieves a total of 8 times, as the Clarkson Golden Knights finish a 20 win ECAC regular season with a win over the Quinnipiac Bobcats, 8-0.

Points scored by Knights:
Rufenach: 2, D’Alvise: 2, Freeman: 2, Clitsome: 2, Beca: 3, Tuohimaa: 3, Dodge: 1, Zalewski: 3, Arciero: 1, Marks: 1, Cayer: 1, Guthrie: 1, DeFazio: 1
Total: 23 Golden Knight Points!!!

This win also secured an unbeaten 2007-08 ECAC season at home, with a record of 10-0-1. Since last season, the Clarkson Golden Knights have a 15-2-5 record at home while playing ECAC games. In fact, if you count the non-ECAC games, the last time Clarkson has lost in Cheel was November 23rd, 2007 against St. Cloud. Actually, the Golden Knights were unbeaten at home for over a year, because before that loss to St. Cloud, they had not been beaten at home since Princeton beat them November 11th, 2006. Since the start of the 06-07 season, Clarkson has gone 28-5-5 while playing on home ice. You can’t tell me that isn’t impressive.

Thank you Seniors for your 4 years of dedication and hard work that has lead you to one ECAC Championship and one regular season title…So Far at least. Good luck in the playoffs, the Bonesaw Brigade will surely be there to cheer you on to your next ECAC Championship!!!

Lady Knights Extend Series to 3rd game in OT Win

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Jeremy - March 2, 2008 - 1:04 am

Today to Lady Knights took on the Princeton Tigers for the second time in the ECAC Quarterfinals. After suffering a 0-1 loss yesterday the Green and Gold looked to settle the score and force the series to game 3.

In the first period, Carlee Eusepi took the puck unnassisted all the way past Kristen Young in Princeton's goal, giving the Knight's a 1-0 lead at 10:07. Captain Katie Morrison added to the Green and Gold lead with a power play goal at 10:50 in the 2nd period, assisted by Amanda Dittmer.

After going into the 3rd period up 2-0, the Knights allowed two powerplay goals on calls that were just terrible by the officiating, which was appalling all game both ways. The game went into overtime where the Clarkson Golden Knights made quick work of the sudden death situation with a goal from Ashley Moorehead with some help from Jessica Cloutier after only one minute seventeen seconds.

A heart wrenching third period led to overtime, and in total the Bonesaws were raised 3 times as the Clarkson Golend Knights beat Princeton in overtime 3-2!!!

Game three starts at 2 PM on Sunday. Show up and support your Knights!!!

Women Look to Even Things Up, Senior Night for the Men

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Jeremy - March 1, 2008 - 11:05 am

The Lady Knights lost a close first game to Princeton yesterday afternoon, 0-1. They will play the Tigers again today at 2:00 PM at Cheel Arena. This is a must win game for the Golden Knights, and after winning this game, they will play again Sunday at 2:00 PM. Everyone should come out to support the girls who have fought hard to make it this far, and they will fight even harder today to make sure the season continues. LET'S GO TECH!!!


Last night the Men's Golden Knights clinched the ECAC Regular Season Title by beating Princeton, 4-3. Now the Green and Gold have one last regular season game against Quinnipiac tonight at 7 PM in Cheel Arena. This will be Senior Night, as Captain Nick Dodge, Assitant Captain Steve Zalewski, Assistant Captain Grant Clitsome, David Leggio, David Cayer, and Michael Arciero will be playing their final regular season game in front of the home crowd. Show up and make some noise for these six seniors who have given it their all these past four years to make Clarkson Hockey dominant in the ECAC.

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