February 25th, 2011: is no longer an actively updated source for Clarkson Hockey madness. It was a ton of fun serving the fans of Clarkson Hockey for the 100 or so years that it lasted. will now serve as an archive, forever documenting the rise of the Bonesaw from 2006 - 2009. The Bonesaw is still going strong for Clarkson Hockey, but unfortunately does not have the active staff necessary to keep it updated regularly. If you think that you can get involved somehow feel free to contact us. May the saw be with you.

-Kyle & Tyler

Bonesaw! Bounce Back

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Tyler - November 25, 2006 - 11:59 pm

Saturday night's game closed out an excellent weekend for the Golden Knights. After some rough games in the league and out west, the Knights have come back strong in this non-conference weekend. Miami was defeated 4-2 with two goals in each of first two periods of play. On Friday the Knights shut out the coach's alma mater, Bowling Green State.

Next weekend The Knights face two Ivy League teams in New Haven and Providence.

Another dissapointing weekend of Hockey

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Jeremy - November 20, 2006 - 1:37 pm

When the men's team traveled to St. Cloud this weekend were expecting some rough games for the guys, but we were hoping for the best. Unfortunately hoping for the best didn't work out too well for any of us. The Knight's were able to score two goals in Saturday night's contest, unlike Friday where they were shutout. But, that wasn't nearly enough as St. Cloud was able to sneak 7 by Clarkson's tanden of McNulty and Leggio.

The Bonesaws would have been raised proudly twice, but Clarkson loses two straight to St. Cloud, this time 2-7.

The Knights Drop 1st Game against St. Cloud

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Jeremy - November 18, 2006 - 4:17 pm

The Knights play St. Cloud twice this weekend, with the first game being last night, and the second game tonight.

The only real highlight for Clarkson in Last nights matchup was that they only had a total of 4 penalties. That included one 5 minute major, and one 10 minute mis-conduct, both charged to Paquet at one time for Checking from Behind. So this is a major decrease from what we have seen in the past weeks, so let's hope we see some sort of benefit from it in other games.

Unfortunately there was no major effect for the Green and Gold in last nights game, as the Saws would never have been raised, with the CU Golden Knights getting shut out 0-4.

More T's Have Been Ordered

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Jeremy - November 16, 2006 - 9:50 pm

Another 150 "Official Bonesaw Brigade" t-shirts have been ordered. The expected arrival date for these T's is Friday, December 1st. We will most likely be selling these each day prior to the St. Lawrence game, which will be here at Cheel Arena on Tuesday, December 5th.

NOTE: These shirts are not for pre-order. They will be sold to anyone who comes to buy them on a "first come, first serve" basis.

At Least Clarkson isn't in Jersey

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Jeremy - November 11, 2006 - 7:16 pm

Once again, it was gonna be a long game right from the start as Clarkson face Princeton tonight at Cheel Arena. Of course, as if not to mirror last night or anything, Princeton comes out and scores first, but Clarkson held strong, and was able to hold them off for the rest of the period, ending 0-1.

Then, with new hope in the second, Princeton knocked us all back down scoring at 44 seconds in. But, thanks to Mike Sullivan, we were able to explode in joy as he made sure we didn't have another scoreless period. Before the periods end, Princeton got one more past McNulty in Clarkson's net to lead them into the third ahead by 2.

Beca cut the lead to 1, scoring 7 minutes into the third, and there were many opportunities that the Knights simply let slip by them. The game would have been tied, but it turns out the refs are still deciding to screw Clarkson out of goals, although they did do a much better job at not calling the Green and Gold on every little hit.

Unfortunately in the end there was just not enough opportunities to raise the saws, with the Bonesaws only being unleashed twice, the Golden Knights lose to Princeton, 2-3.

Note: Princeton decided tonight that Quinnipiac's strategy of smacking the puck out into the stands to end any threat the Knights' have in their end was a great idea. So Princeton may have actually accomplished this feat more than Qunnipiac.

Student Section Highlights:


A Silenced Band = A Loss at Home

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Jeremy - November 10, 2006 - 9:49 pm

Tonight we have a little good news, and some bad news.

First the bad...

Within the first 3 minutes of the first period, Quinnipiac skated out to score 2 goals on Leggio. This of course caught the fans and the team by sheer suprise. But, Clarkson was not silenced, with a Power Play goal by Cayer around the 7th minute.

But, once again in the second period Quinnipiac was able to squeeze one more by on a PP nearing the second minute, with Clarkson quick to retaliate 27 seconds later as Guthrie pushed one by. Of course, though, Quinnipiac had to sink our hearts one more time around 15 minutes.

The third period was more of the same, Clarkson scored 1 on PP, and 1 shorthanded, and Quinnipiac lucked out with a goal on penalty shot and an empty net shot with only 12 seconds of play left.

Basically, here's the kicker, the Knights had a total of 13 penalties, including three 5 minute majors, and four 10 minute misconuct penalties. We were short handed all night, and the refs seemed out for our team... and our band. The band was warned for playing while the puck was in play, so they had to cut a lot of their usual routine, leaving strange silence in a lot of unusual places.

Another interesting thing to note, is that Quinnipiac seemed to like flinging pucks into the crowd when they didn't know what to do. One fan counted 9 times that the puck was hurled into the audience.

The Bonesaws were only raised 4 times, and Clarkson falls 4-6.

Now the good news. Nearly 200 Brigaders picked up their shirts tonight, and the crowd, as well as Tony Collins, Prof. Wick, and the Golden Knight himself were all sporting the new Official Bonesaw Brigade T-Shirt.

Speaking of the shirts, we're going to be at Cheel tomorrow again handing out your pre-ordered shirts. We've had a lot of people ask us if there were any extras, but we had sold out our 30 extra shirts within an hour. If there is enough interest, we may be able to print more shirts, but until then the only shirts we have left are already taken.

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ECAC Hockey & T-Shirts

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Jeremy - November 7, 2006 - 11:50 am

This weekend we will need every single Bonesaw Brigader to show up to Cheel Arena on Friday at 7 and Saturday at 4:30 as the Clarkson Golden Knights play their first two home ECAC games against Quinnipiac and Princeton. Come ready to yell, taunt, and raise the Saws!!!

The girls will be playing two games this weekend, too. Both days they will face Robert Morris up at Cheel Arena. Friday's game is at 3 PM and Saturday's game is at 1 PM. If you have the balls, try and cheer on both the guys and girls in both double headers this weekend.

Also, we expect to have the Bonesaw T-Shirts in this Friday, and we have a table reserved from 3 PM - 6:30 PM in Cheel to hand the shirts out. We will probably be down by the students entrance. If you have not ordered a shirt, all is not lost, some extras were ordered for sale at the table, but they are expected to go fast. If anything changes, updates will be posted here and sent out by email.

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