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-Kyle & Tyler

Weller goes Pro

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Kyle - March 31, 2007 - 2:05 am

OTTAWA - Ottawa Senators general manager John Muckler today announced the club has signed prospect Shawn Weller to an entry-level contract.

Weller, 20, was the Senators' first third-round choice (77th overall) in the 2004 NHL entry draft.

The Glens Falls, N.Y., native set career highs in goals (19), assists (21) and points (40) while recording 62 penalty minutes in 39 games in his third season with Clarkson University of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In 2004-05 Weller represented the United States at the World Junior Hockey Championships, held in Grand Forks, N.D.

May the Bonesaw be with you.

A Great Season - Next Year Can't Come Soon Enough

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Jeremy - March 23, 2007 - 4:55 pm

Today the Golden Knight's took on the U-Mass Minutemen in the first round of NCAA play in Rochester, NY. Both teams entered with fantastic goalies, Clarkson's David Leggio winning ECAC Goaltender of the Year. Everyone knew it was gonna be a goal tending game with two power packed offenses going head to head.

The first period belonged to the Minutemen who showed clear domination over the puck, and several more shots on goal than the Knights. But, Leggio was solid as a rock as well as Quick in the Massachusetts net. The period ended scoreless.

Clarkson skated out into the 2nd with a little more energy than U-Mass, getting off more shots on goal, and also keeping the Minutemen attempts on goal low. Yet again, the goalies prove unshaken, Leggio posting 22 saves after the 2nd, and Quick with 20. No goals so far.

After each team took a period of control, the teams looked a lot more even matched this time around. The puck went from end to end, and just as each team seemed sure to score, the net minder would through up his glove or throw down his stick just in time. Seconds ticked off the clock, and at the end of the regulation, the scoreboard still posted zeros.

Overtime play in the NCAA tournament consists of 20 minute periods, first score wins, and there is no shoot out, just overtime after overtime. Once again both teams came out taking turns controlling the puck, and just after Leggio made a great save, at 7:40 into overtime, Kevin Jarman of U-Mass was able to take the rebound of the knee pad, and flip it into Clarkson's net.

The Minutemen were able to keep the Bonesaws at bay, as the Golden Knight's lose in overtime to U-Mass, 0-1.

This ends a fantastic season that saw the Golden Knight's all the way to the title of ECAC Champion. Thanks for all the thrills and excitement from all the players out there that wore the Green and Gold. To all the seniors, good luck on whatever your futures hold. For the rest of the players, we will be right back in our seats next season, watching the Clarkson University Golden Knights skate forward for win after win at Cheel Arena and around the country. CONGRATULATIONS ON EVERYTHING GUYS!!!

To the N-C-double A's

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Jeremy - March 20, 2007 - 8:25 pm

Clarkson's victory over Quinnipiac was enough to launch them into the 1st seed position at this weekend's NCAA tournament in Rochester, NY. The Golden Knights will take on the 4th seeded U-Mass Minutemen (known for their reputation in the sack). The whistle blows at 2:30PM on Friday. The winner goes on to play whoever comes out on top in a match-up between St. Cloud and Maine on Saturday. The victor of that game then heads to the Frozen Four in St. Louis.

Word on the internetz is that this weekends games will be broadcast on ESPNU, which to my understanding just means check your local listings and pray that you get it. I hope a lot of fans will be able to carry on the support that the team received this weekend in Albany, and as always, the Bonesaw will undoubtedly have representation at these games.


06-07 ECAC Hockey League Champion Golden Knights!!!

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Jeremy - March 17, 2007 - 11:28 pm

Everyone knew this weekend was going to be a great chance to see some spectacular hockey games, regardless of how our home school heroes, the Clarkson Golden Knights, performed. The final four teams of the ECAC took to the ice in the Times Union Center in Albany, and one would become the ECAC league CHAMPION.

With SLU(t) and Dartmouth both losing in the semi-finals, they were the first teams to play today, and after playing possibly one of the most pathetic games of their season, the Saints actually looked somewhat like a final four hockey team as they beat the Big Green, 5-3.

The semi-final round winners, Quinnipiac Bobcats and the Clarkson Golden Knights. The energy was high, and the Bobcats were able to take advantage of an early rush as they drew first blood only 32 seconds into play. Honestly, the Knights seemed a little stunned by the early score, and it definitely loomed over them for the rest of the period, with Quinnipiac really controlling the puck well. To add to an already tense game, the Bobcats were able to tack on one more on a power play in the last 7 seconds of the first period, and at the buzzer it was 0-2.

George Roll, head coach for our men in Green and Gold, must have threatened the team with no more Smokehouse BBQ where he is frequently seen eating lunch. The Knights had a new look as they were skating stronger and completing passes more frequently. Still, despite the obvious change in play, there was a lot of back and forth skating up and down the ice, but no scoring even though CU out-shot Quinnipiac 9-7.

Just when the fans for the Bobcats thought that the Knights of Clarkson and the Bonesaw Brigade itself had given up hope, a sudden rise in chanting and screaming erupted just before the third period of play -- before the players even hit the ice. And just like that, Chris D'Alvise took that fan support and made it count with a goal less than two minutes into the third. The Bobcats saw a chance to bring back their lead on a powerplay, but let it sneak away.

Philippe Paquet brought the Green and Gold back to their feet, tying the game at 2 a piece at 12 and a half minutes. Before the fans even had a chance to sit back in their seats, Brodie Rutherglen slaps one by good ole Bud Fisher (Sieve) to give the Golden Knights their first lead of the night.

It was possibly the most thrilling moment that I myself have ever been a part of as one of the fans. But, as we all knew from the previous game against Dartmouth, with over 6 minutes left to play, this game was far from over. Second after second ticked aways, and then, the moment we all waited for...Quinnipiac pulled their goalie in their last attempt to regain control. As if it was his job, and his alone, Shawn Weller took a shot from the blueline to seal the game with 56 seconds remaining.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 -The 2006-2007 Clarkson Golden Knights became the ECAC Hockey League Champions, unleashing the Bonesaws 4 times in the 3rd Period to come back and win over the Quinnipiac Bobcats!!! Pictures from this historic moment can be seen by clicking the "In Action" tab above.

The Golden Knights now look forward to the NCAA National Tournament where they will compete for the national title.

From everyone here at and the Bonesaw Brigade, congratulations to everyone on the team and coaching staff on this monumental achievement. BONESAW!!!

The Knight's Head to the ECAC Championship

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Jeremy - March 16, 2007 - 10:13 pm

First off, to open the semi final games, Quinnipiac took on the SLUzers, and guess what happened to the #1 seed when they took on #5...They LOST 4-0. So much for those SLU(t)s.

Then came the biggest match of the season...thus far at least. The Clarkson Golden Knights faced off with the Dartmouth Big Green (losers). I am gonna keep this one short and to the point.

First Period: Shawn Weller scores a powerplay goal at 8:28. Clarkson keeps the period, even though outshot by Dartmouth, 9-11, staying ahead 1-0.

Second Period: Despite Dartmouth scoring first in the period, Clarkson's Nick Dodge and Mike Willemsen answer with a goal each for themselves, putting the Green and Gold up 3-1 to close the period.

Third Period: This is where things get tense, and all you weaker hearts should read carefully. Dartmouth scored early in the period to close the gap. But Chris D'Alvise adds one for Clarkson to return the 2 goal lead. Then, the Big Green Suck Machine scored again on a powerplay, bringing it to 4-3. It seemed as though Tech would come out victorious as the game entered the final two minutes, but Dartmouth would not go quietly scoring with only 1:40 remaining. Just as overtime seemed unavoidable, Steve Zalewski heroically skated down the ice, sealing the deal on Dartmouth's end with only 41 ticks on the clock.

To close the semi-finals, it will be CU vs. Quinnipiac as the BONESAWS rattle the Times Union Center 5 times, and the Knights win, 5-4.

The puck drops tomorrow knight at 8:00PM for the Championship. BE THERE!!!

Puck Drops at 8PM on Friday

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Jeremy - March 12, 2007 - 12:10 pm

The ECAC Semi-Finals begin this Friday, March 16th with a game between the SLUzers and Quinnipiac at 4:30PM in the Times Union Center. Followed by that, the game we are all waiting for...Clarkson Vs. Dartmouth at 8PM.

During the regular season, the Knights took control of their game on the road against the Big Green winning 6-3 with only 24 shots on goal. Zalewski was able to size up Devine in net for a pair of scores out of the six CU goals.

When Clarkson hosted Dartmouth on home ice in Cheel Arena, the game was of a slightly different pace. The Green and Gold controlled the puck on Dartmouth's end for most of the game, but the game was sent into over time, as Nick Dodge scored twice in the last 7 minutes of play to tie the game at 4-4. The game ended at 4-4 after a scoreless overtime.

For Friday night I would expect Clarkson to come out looking for control of the puck, but not necessarily taking shot after shot, as they were more successful choosing their shots in the 6 goal first game. On that note, expect the Knights to play aggressively, carrying over from this weekend's series against Harvard, where there was big hit after big hit.

I hope to see a lot of Golden Knight support at the games this weekend.

Semi-Finals Here We Come!!!

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Jeremy - March 11, 2007 - 6:53 pm

For the second knight in a row, Clarkson faced Harvard for the ECAC Quarterfinals. Already up one game, CU looked to seal the deal with a win over the Crimson. The Knights came out strong, looking a lot fresher than last night, and they knew what they were playing for. There was a lot of back and forth play as minute after minute of the first period ticked by, and finally, on the second powerplay attempt of the night, Grant Clitsome knocked the puck by Tobe, putting the Green and Gold up by one.

So, the second period started off 1-0, with Clarkson killing a penalty on Clitsome that he received late in the first. Then, Mason received a penalty 13:40 into the period, and Hahvahd was able to attack the net with three men and luckily squeeze one by the leagues #1 goaltender, Leggio (it was all luck, pure luck). The period would end in a tie, 1-1.

Enter the third period, and with it comes a sense of uneasiness. What was wrong? Finally, someone realized, there had only been a total of 5 penalties to this point, so obviously Murphy wasn't reffing, which was a good omen. Even so, there was a lot more of back and forth play, and a lot of opportunities that were missed. Then, just over 16 minutes in, Mike Sullivan pushes the puck across the line into the net, or so it seemed. Harvard had the nerve to challenge the ruling, and after sitting down only 15 seconds, he came back out and signaled for what undoubtedly was a "Golden Knight Goal!!!" In similar fashion to last night, Tobe was pulled from the net with 1:30 remaining, and although the puck remained down by steadfast Leggio for most of those last seconds, the Crimson couldn't turn anything in, and with the puck slowing drifting into Harvard's empty net just after the buzzer, it was settled.

The Golden Knights turn down Harvard once again, unleashing the Bonesaws twice in their 2-1 victory, advancing them to the ECAC Semi-Finals!!!

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