February 25th, 2011: is no longer an actively updated source for Clarkson Hockey madness. It was a ton of fun serving the fans of Clarkson Hockey for the 100 or so years that it lasted. will now serve as an archive, forever documenting the rise of the Bonesaw from 2006 - 2009. The Bonesaw is still going strong for Clarkson Hockey, but unfortunately does not have the active staff necessary to keep it updated regularly. If you think that you can get involved somehow feel free to contact us. May the saw be with you.

-Kyle & Tyler

Order Your Bonesaw T-Shirts NOW!!!

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Jeremy - September 26, 2007 - 5:59 pm

The new design is complete and you can finally order your very own Official Bonesaw Brigade T-Shirt. Once again the cost is only $10.00 making it one of the cheapest options for Clarkson apparel.

As of right now I am not sure when we will be available in Cheel to take orders, but we will definitely be there at some point after break. In the meantime we have added a new, possibly more convenient way to order your shirts: Through the Intarwebz. Just click the image below and you can order your shirt via Paypal for the very first time.

(Remember, we are new to this whole internet order form deal, so please let us know if you experience any problems.)

This way we can aim for a delivery date of Friday October 26th, and will begin handing shirts out that week before the next home games.

Note: The design may be subject to change slightly before print, we'll keep you posted of course.

Here's a bigger preview, because that one is kind of small. Any feedback on this year's design can be directed to Kyle.

What's in Store

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Kyle - September 7, 2007 - 11:41 pm

The Bonesaw Table got some nice traffic at the Activities Fair, so thanks for stopping by everyone. We hope that we gave you a good insight on what the bonesaw is and what it's about. A lot of you asked about the shirts this year, so let me give you the information that we have right now on that.

We're working on a new design, a new design that takes the old design and makes it about 1,000x more extreme to the max. We felt that while the current logo was nice, it didn't really represent the energy of the Bonesaw Brigade. When that gets closer to completion, we'll probably post a preview image of what the shirts will look like, and if we get some positive feed back then we'll go ahead and begin the ordering process.

Hopefully this year we'll do things a lot smoother with the shirts. I know that we confused you last time with our sign up sheet for shirts, then pre-orders. We just didn't know how many shirts we we're going to need, so things got off to a shaky start. We have great hopes of doing most of the transactions via PayPal this year, and of course we'll still aim for the 10 dollar price tag of the shirts this year, but right now I can't promise anything.

We still have some other plans for the older logo too, so stay tuned for any more details on that.

In other news, rumor has it that a sacred Bonesaw helmet is now in the possession of one of our hockey players. I'll be posting pictures of that when we get closer to the beginning of the season, but for now all I can say is that it's a beautiful creation and it will strengthen the power of the saw by an unfathomable magnitude. There's a word I don't use everyday.

Shirts will also be rolling in a lot earlier this year now that we have some experience with the whole merchandising field, so make sure you don't miss them this time.

Oh yeah, and it turns out all the rumors of the SLU game on Parents Weekend are true-- and as far as I know the student section is screwed. If anyone has any actual information on this, please contact one of us. (Contact Jeremy, he likes being important.)

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