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-Kyle & Tyler

The Bonesaw Shirts are In

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Jeremy - October 30, 2007 - 4:04 pm

The Official Bonesaw Brigade T-Shirts were picked up this morning from Great Northern Screen Printing & Embroidery. They look fantastic and we are eager to get them out to the Brigade members. Anyone who has ordered a shirt should have received and email, but for those of you who missed pre-orders you are still in luck. We ordered an extra 150 shirts that will be sold to whoever wants them. Sizes are limited to whatever extras were ordered, so pick them up early if you want to get the right size. The dates and times for pickup are as follows:

Friday, November 2nd starting at 4 PM in Cheel in front of the Student Entrance. Pickup will end about 30 minutes before the Men's game begins and will not resume after the game.

Saturday, November 3rd starting at 5 PM in Cheel in front of the Student Entrance. Pickup will end about 30 minutes before the Men's game begins and will not resume after the game.

Anyone who is unable to pickup their shirts this weekend, do no panic. We will setup more times for the following weeks, but this is all we have for now. If you need your shirt shipped (not placed in your P.O. Box here on campus) please email us and we will send it out.

Also, anyone who owes money on shirts should have received an email. You will not receive a shirt until we get your payment, so make sure you have cash on hand ($10 per shirt).

Lake Inferior Needs Some Confidence, Ladies Get Back on Track

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Jeremy - October 28, 2007 - 11:16 am

The men's Golden Knights played Lake Superior for the second night in a row out in Michigan yesterday. On Friday they didn't even give them a chance, winning 4-0. But, knowing that they can be a key factor in eliminating a few of our out west competition for the NCAA's, the boys deciding to give them a confidence boost.

First, the Knights started Tim Potter in the net, giving Leggio the evening off. Potter looked very strong against Acadia, and quickly proved he has the stuff again as he defeated 3 powerplays, but on the fourth Lake Superior was able to slip one by for a score. The second period started off with Clarkson down 0-1, and quickly the defense lightened up to give them a larger lead, with Lake Inferior scoring 3 times in the third. Now I was hoping for an SLU comeback game, but in the third the Knights tightened up the defense, but the offense took a back seat yet again. Another goal was scored on Potter on another powerplay, LSS 3rd of the game. With under a minute left and the inferior Lake Superior second string goalie in, David Cayer gave him a taste of a Golden Knight goal with assists from Nick Dodge and Scott Freeman.

All in all the Knights spent 20 minutes in the penalty box, which really did hurt their attack all night, with 3 Lake Superior goals coming on a powerplay. The bonesaws would have been unleashed to attack to the backup goalie once, but Clarkson slips to Lake Superior, 1-5.


The Lady Knights continued to make their claim for why they will be number 1 at seasons end. They battled with Quinnipiac for their second ECAC matchup of the season.

In the first period the defense was on top of everything and the offense was pushing the puck. There were ten shots on Quinnipiac's net, including a powerplay goal by Marie-Jo Gaudet with assist from Katie Morrison to put the Knights up 1-0. Lauren Dahm in CU's net had a lot of cover, as the Green and Gold only allowed one shot on their goal. In the second period it was Gaudet yet again, this time all alone, who scored just over 5 minutes in to tack another on the board. The rest of the period quieted down, but CU still pressed a total of 10 shots on goal, and only allowed 4 on their end. Quinnipiac made some noise with a goal around 13 minutes into the third period, but Carley Eusepi cemented Clarkson's lead with an assist from Britney Selina and Kimberly McKenney with just over 3 minutes remaining.

So, the girls go ahead and add another win to their impressive resume early this season, unleashing the bonesaws 3 times, as the Golden Knights jump to an early lead and win against Quinnipiac, 3-1.

The Boys Capture Another W, Girls Open ECAC Season

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Jeremy - October 27, 2007 - 12:41 am

The men's Golden Knight hockey team travelled to Michigan this weekend to play against Lake Superior State twice this weekend. Tonight marked the first game in the series, and it was all about the Green and Gold.

In the first period Steve Zalewski managed to slip one by netminder Pat Inglis for Lake Inferior. That score was complimented by Lauri Tuohimaa who posted his second goal as a Golden Knight. The period ended 2-0 good guys. At this point the shots on goal were 8 on Leggio and 7 on Inglis. With the second period underway, both teams defenses really kicked into gear, with the shots on goal flipping to 7 on Leggio and 8 on Inglis, and no scores on either end. But, in the third period, a short handed goal by Nick Dodge and a powerplay goal by Chris D'Alvise sealed the deal.

Leggio posted his second shutout of  the season and four different Knights earned the sign of the Bonesaw as Clarkson blows over Lake Superior, 4-0.


The women made the long trip to America's armpit, New Jersey, to open ECAC play against Princeton. This game went back and forth, with each team answering eachothers scores.

The first period had Princeton up 1-0, but in the second Kimberly McKenney knotted it up with a power play goal. Princeton was able to regain the lead early in the third, only to have it tied back up by Clarkson's Jessica Cloutier with 15 minutes remaining. Unfortunately Princeton was able to tack on one more point with a goal just under halfway through the period on a powerplay.

The Lady Knights fought hard, and the bonesaws were busted out twice, but it just wasn't enough as Clarkson falls to Princeton, 2-3.

First ECAC Game, Huge Comeback over SLU(t)

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Jeremy - October 20, 2007 - 10:51 pm

For those of you with a weak heart, stop reading now, for this will be your only warning before I start to tell a tale of a game that I am pretty sure sent a few people to the hospital in cardiac arrest...

This evening the Clarkson Golden Knights opened up the ECAC season against St. Lawrence University in Cheel Arena. Everyone knows that the tension would be high, especially with CU coming off a recent loss to SLU(t) in a non-ECAC showdown. Also, striking the hearts of many devoted Clarkson fans was the lack of a student section, as this was Clarkson University Family Weekend and all seats were sold well before the season even started. But, thanks to the kindness of an anonymous supporter, students were able to collect free standing room only tickets on select dates.  With only the most elite of student fans along with several parents, and after SLU's stickboy wiped out as he crossed the ice, the puck dropped at 7:30pm and the contest began.

Watch Him Fall

I'm not going to lie, I was very impressed with the Knights for about the first 5 minutes. In that time they were able to mount 6 shots on goal, and controlled the puck without a doubt. But, around 8 minutes in the Saints were somehow able to score a goal (my standing location prevented me from seeing the far end of the ice, which would have been clear as day had I been in the STUDENT SECTION!!!) . From that point on, the Green and Gold were as sloppy as a SLU(t) girl come 2AM on her fifth serving from a State guy. The SLUzers were able to pass the puck into Clarkson's net twice more before periods end, and for the first time in over 2 years, Cheel Arena was silent. Not because the Knights were losing, but because there was no STUDENT SECTION!!!

With the second period having started, and a sense of urgency in the Clarkson bench, the boys did step it up, but still they just weren't putting it all together. One way or another, the Knights held off any and all SLU(t) attacks even though most play breakups weren't pretty. Then, a glimmer of hope, and the reason CU fans NEVER leave a game, Tom Pizzo scores his very first Golden Knight goal with 5 minutes left in the 2nd period. At this point Alex "Cry Baby" Petizian in SLU(t)'s net is having flashbacks. The period ended with the Saints still clutching desperately to a 1-3 lead over the Golden Knights, but just like against UMass last week the Knights would come out on a powerplay.

The Golden Knights came out ready to play some hockey starting from the drop of the puck in the third, and it showed. Suddenly every pass was finding its destination, and with a 1 man advantage in its final seconds, Tim Marks took the puck all alone right past Petizian (cue the whimpering that leads to tears). Only one tally from tying the game.  CU was out for blood, and any chance they got the pressure was applied on the net. Finally the moment all of the Tech fans were waiting for:  Steve Zalewski goes unassisted past the now bawling Petizian at 13:13 into the 3rd. All tied up 3-3. This is what Clarkson hockey is all about. It didn't take long before Lauri Tuohimaa with assists from Dan Tuttle and Chris D'Alvise put the Green and Gold ahead, 4-3 at 14:41. Just before 1 minute left, Petizian was called to the bench, and the Saints put 6 men forward in a last effort to salvage the game that they were controlling. Unfortunately for Tech fans, it worked, and the score was tied at 4-4 with only 37 seconds to go in regulation. And the clock wound down signalling some free hockey (overtime).

After a 2 minute break, they were back to the ice, and after 35 seconds of overtime play, Murphy's arm stuck straight up in the air, and a SLUzer was sent to the box for holding. Less than a minute later, Petizian gets knocked over by his own defenseman allowing for Nick Dodge and Steve Zalewski to assist in Chris D'Alvise's Game Winning Powerplay Goal!!!

Watch the Game Winning Goal

After 61 minutes and 26 seconds of intense ECAC hockey, the Bonesaws prove their ability to inspire comeback chopping at SLU(t) 5 times, as the Clarkson Golden Knights come back yet again to defeat the St. Lawrence Saints 5-4 in OT.

It will be a long ride back to Rhode Island

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Jeremy - October 13, 2007 - 10:12 pm

What's black and white and red all over? The Providence Friars as they leave the ice bloodied by the Clarkson Golden Knights. There were some fantastic hits and the Friars were getting laid out left and right in tonights matchup in Cheel Arena.

It didn't take long for the Green and Gold to make their first scoring attack. Shea Guthrie took it all the way to the net from the blue line and made the first shot of the night on the Friars' Sims in goal. The puck was rifled right by the sieve at 2:47 into the period and the crowd erupted with "One Shot, One Goal!!!" Scoring on the first shot of the game is definitely impressive, and also very rare. The only thing that is even close to being as rare as a first shot goal is a short handed goal. Actually, it might be even more rare to have both styles of goal in the same night by the same team. Clarkson, being all for rarity, decided to make it interesting as Steve Zalewski scored a short handed goal with an assist from Matt Beca leaving around 4 minutes in the first period.

From the first period on, and with a 2-0 Golden Knight lead, it was all the David Leggio show. Over the second and third periods the Friars were able to put 19 shots onto the CU net, but #33 was nothing but a wall. No puck even came close to passing the crease. There were a few more exciting moments for Clarkson fans, including one shot on net by Beca that defied the laws of David Wick's physics, as its vector sum obviously should have launched it into the net off the side bar, but instead bounced back out onto the ice.

Sims was pulled from the Friars net as the clock ticked away. But it was too late as the Bonesaws reacked havoc in Cheel twice and the Clarkson Golden Knights shut out the Providence Friars, 2-0.


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Jeremy - October 12, 2007 - 10:23 pm

For those of you with a memory of March 2007, you may remember that the Clarkson Golden Knights were the ECAC Champions, and earned themselves a first seed slot in the Rochester Regionals of the NCAA Tournament. With that came a matchup against the UMass "Finished in a Minute"-Men. Each team mounted over 30 shots in regulation gameplay, but neither were able to score. So, this brought us to the dreaded "Sudden Death" overtime, and of course, UMass was able to score on a puke puck that bounced off of Leggio's pad on the initial shot and was then flipped over his shoulder to win the game and eliminate Clarkson...

Thus bringing us to tonight, where the Golden Knights looked to redeem themselves, and show everyone that UMass will never stand in their way to a National Championship again. The boys in Green and Gold took to the ice and had a level of ferocity that led this man to believe they had become cannibals, because they all had a little bit of Weller in them.

The puck dropped at 7PM, and rarely took a moment to rest as it went from end to end, each team looking to take an early lead. Even with 2 powerplay attempts, 9 shots on goal, and no penalties against CU the Knights just couldn't mount an attack that would lead to a tic on the scoreboard. UMass also posted 9 shots against Leggio, but they too were shut down in the first period.

With the clock back to 20 minutes, both teams hit center ice and once again the puck put into play. Clarkson, who in the first 3 games have had 2 penalty-less first periods, came right out with a cross-checking penalty to let the fans know this is still Golden Knights hockey. For a game that holds so much emotion for Clarkson players and fans alike, it didn't help to have UMass draw first blood, and it was the same style goal as the NCAA Tournament. Leggio stopped the puck a few times, but the team just couldn't clear it from in front of the goal and eventually it got dumped in. The Knights would go into the locker room down 0-1, BUT with nearly a full 2 minute powerplay to be finished when they return to the ice.

It was the ECAC Championship game where the Knights went into the locker room after the 2nd period down 2 goals that Captain Nick Dodge told Coach George Roll, "You don't need to say anything, we know what we have to do" or at least something to that effect. I'm sure it was something similar tonight, as Dodge skated out onto the ice, and with an assist from David Cayer and Steve Zalewski, scored his 100th career point to tie the game at 1-1. Probably the last thing I wanna say is that the rest of the period was boring, but Clarkson was only able to put the puck to the goalie 5 more times, with the fifth time being a nearly wide open net with 10 seconds left. So, with the score tied up, the nerves of the fans were high as we enter another overtime with UMass.

"Here we go Clarkson, Here we go!!!" the fans were on their feet chanting as the teams planned their attacks. All eyes were on the ice, and only 1 minute into overtime play the Knights broke loose and charged the net with a Dan Tuttle-rebuttle by scoring the winning goal assisted by Dodge and Cayer. The crowd went crazy as the Golden Knights piled up in a celebration that reminded us all of last years Championship.

Watch the game winning goal and crowd reaction!!!

The BONESAWS were used all over those Massholes twice this evening, as the Clarkson Golden Knights march off the ice with an overtime victory over the Minutemen, 2-1 OT.

It's a Golden Knight Goal!!!

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Jeremy - October 11, 2007 - 12:52 am

After Saturday afternoon's hockey games, myself and Kyle had the chance to speak with Tom Pinkerton, the public address announcer for Cheel Arena, you know, the guy with the cool announcer voice. He was hoping that we can start up a new tradition/cheer for everytime the Knights score a goal. As you all know, he jumps on the PA after the goal shouting, "It's a Golden Knight Goal!!! Scored by...." What Tom wants is for the student section to yell out "Golden Knight Goal" right when he says it, and eventually, he won't say it at all anymore, instead it will work like this:

Tom: "It's a ..."
Crowd: "Golden Knight Goal!!!"
Tom: "That's right, a Golden Knight goal scored by ..."

This sounds like it could really be a killer blow to the visiting teams, because not only will we still yell everything else at the goalie and such, but now they will get to hear "Golden Knight Goal" twice after each score.

For more Clarkson Student Section chants and traditions, check out The Cheers and Jeers of Cheel Arena on the Features page.

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