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-Kyle & Tyler

The First Annual Bonesaw Awards

Matt $ - April 7, 2007 - 12:57 am

As the 2006-2007 Hockey Season has come to an end, it is time to reflect back on the season and mention some incredible feats. It was quite the exciting year for all of us Brigadiers as we watched our Knights take home the ECAC Tourney Championship and earn a #1 seed in the NCAA Tourney. To recognize some of the stellar achievements of the year we have decided to hand out some awards to those that helped make this year so memorable. So a special thanks to all the players, coaches, staff, and fellow Brigade members and enjoy the award ceremony!

1. Best Froshmanz Award - Matt Beca #8, 10G-17A
This goes to the freshmen who stood out the most in our mind and who we felt made the greatest impact from the incoming class. From his goal with 3.3 seconds left in the RPI game to leading the freshman class in scoring Beca had a great impact and we look forward to his progression next season.

2. Best Macho Man Impression - Phil Paquet # 2, Pen36-Min116
This award goes to the player who always seemed to be dropping elbows much like the hero Randy Savage himself. Paquet led the team in penalties and minutes and seemed to drop more elbows than Randy Mach' at Wrestlemania '92 when he defeated Ric Flair for the Title. We look forward to seeing if Phil can defend his title next year and if Savage will help him refine that killer elbow.

3. Best Name that allows us to yell Vulgarities - Grant Clitsome #14, 7G- 12A
Grant was a staple in our defense that always seemed be handling the puck on powerplays and setting up numerous scoring chances with his laser precision passing. However he is a fan favorite for the things we chant when he's in the penalty box or just checking SLUzers into the boards. Some of our favorite chants are: "Get-some, Clitsome", "Leave Clit Alone!" and "We want Clit!" Remarkably we get another year of this hard hitter and can't wait for it.

4. Bonesaw Guru - Shawn Weller #9, 19G- 21 A
Weller was a fan favorite no doubt, from his graceful leaps over (and through) opposing players and his high scoring ability. However after having help spread the Bonesaw mayhem at Clarkson he is taking his abilities to Ottawa where those Canucks better be ready for what is about to explode on the scene. Known to kill SLUzers in his sleep and use the Bonesaw after scoring goals, we will surely miss him but wish him the best of luck. May the Bonesaw be with Weller for ever and always, Amen?

5. George Roll Smokehouse Award - Coach Roll
Coach Roll led our beloved Knights to a one seed and an ECAC Championship. He is always seen with a smile on his face in his usual eating grounds of Smokehouse feasting on their barbequed deliciousness. Don't fret and enjoy his presence as he eats with the student populace.
P.S. Coach Roll you owe us a Bonesaw because the team held up their end of the bargain and won the ECAC. Don't make us get the Machoman to get a Bonesaw out of you! This isn't a joke!

6. The "He's So Fast" Award! - David Cayer #19 and Max Kolu #18
This is a tie because of how fast they both appeared and that it would be nearly impossible for us to determine who actually is faster without bringing in the greatest minds using the newest savage timing techniques. We decided that this tie would be fair and if the players don't want to share it then first one to our dorm room to claim it wins!

7. The Savage Award - Mike Grenzy #3, 2G- 12 A
This award goes to the player who was a Savage off and on the ice. Mike was an intimidating figure who would crush the enemy on the ice as well as any random schmuck on campus. He looked scary and fierce much like Randy Savage himself and like Savage isn't someone who we would want to cross paths with. He recovered from a broken hand to help anchor our defense in time for our Championship run which is very Savage like. Thanks for 4 great years and may the saws be with you in the future.

8. The Cry Baby Award - Alex Petzian SLUZER! - (his stats don't matter, he sucks)
This is for crying on television after Clarkson came back to score 5 in a row on you and you single-handedly blew it against your rival in an important game at home. You stunk up Crappleton and got pulled, and when the cameras zoomed in on you crying on the bench you could see the tears rolling off your face. SLUZER, errr I mean LOSER!

9. Hero of Cheel Award - "Nice Guy" Eddie "The Admin" (Grill Works Guru)
This is an award not to a hockey player, but just to thank someone who is actually a pleasant Aramark employee. Eddie always seems to get your order in quick, correctly and gets you out in a hurry. Thank you Eddie, for making the Grill great and a viable option on hectic hockey nights. You obviously harnessed the power of the Bonesaw for use on the Grill.

10. Defender of the Saws Award - David Leggio #33, SV% .930 - GAA 2.16
This is the Award for being able to harness the Bonesaw and use it deflect, save, catch or incinerate opposing player's shots. Leggio had a breakout year and was easily the best goalie in the league after getting rid of his stick and using a Bonesaw instead. Even though Leggio wasn't able to score a goal, and did grow an unfashionable moustache for the playoffs he was still dominant and defended the Bonesaw valiantly. Thanks Leggio!

P.S. He also has the Best Butt of any of the other goalies in the league.

11. Offender of the Saws Award - Steve Zalewski #15, 16G- 18A
Zalewski was a great offensive player for the Knights this season scoring over 30 points including some huge points late in games (e.g. Dartmouth semifinals) and is looking to return next season as a dominant force Bonesawing his way to another championship.

12. Most likely to share a hairdresser with MachoMan - Shea Guthrie #91, 8G- 23A
Other than a missing bald spot and bandana, Shea's long flowing hair is a marvel for all to admire and reminisce of the days of yore when MachoMan was dropping elbows off the top rope. Shea like Savage possesses a wonderful offensive game and looks to return as an all around Bonesawing point scoring machine.

13. The Golden Saw Award - Nick Dodge #32, 18G- 21
The official captain of the team, Dodge proved he deserves it playing injured, setting a good example and scoring points like savage. Dodge brings home our most prestigious award. Dodge harnessed the power of the Bonesaw and looked up to his idol Randy Savage (I'm guessing atleast) to inspire and lead our team to an ECAC Championship. After the championship had been won Dodge unleashed a Bonesaw on the crowd that was followed by a fury of Bonesawing by players, fans, and seagulls that almost leveled Albany. He had an outstanding year that deserves recognition, so on behalf of the Bonesaw Brigade and student section, Thanks Captain you earned this!


Those are all the awards, special congratulations to those who received them; it's not anything personal, just the opinions of a bunch of fans trying to be humorous and exciting. Well that does it for this year. It was a great season and the expectations going into next season are as high as ever. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a great year. Thanks to the players and especially the seniors for playing your butts off and giving us so much to cheer for. It was especially exciting for us fans and we look forward to more next season. Stay tuned throughout the summer because we will be updating periodically and if you ever want to re-live a great hockey season then click on the links. May the Bonesaw be with all of you and to the players, harness your saws and have them sharp as ever for the Brigade will be out in force and expecting some limbs on the ice! Bonesaw!