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-Kyle & Tyler

The Cheers and Jeers of Cheel Arena

Jeremy - October 11, 2007 - 12:19 am

What is being shouted when the visiting starters are announced?

First things first, you better have your back turned to the ice before the opposing lineup is announced. As for what gets said, it is a grab bag of lines that someone in the pep band picks from and shouts to everyone. Following the chosen line is always “You’re a Big Puss!!!” Some of the lines are reserved for specific schools. A general idea of these phrases are listed below:

“Get off the ice”
“Go Home”
“You Have Nothing”
“You’ve got no skills”
“You can’t skate”
“Brown is the color of poo” – Brown
“Yale is the sound of barf” – Yale
“Better dead than red” – RPI/Cornell
“Pussycats” – Princeton

What’s that thing they yell at the goalie and point?

The word being stated is “sieve” - an instrument with a meshed or perforated bottom, used for separating coarse from fine parts of loose matter, for straining liquids, etc.

In other words, he lets things through, most notably…THE PUCK!!!

What are the different shoutings after Clarkson scores a goal?

These should be everyone’s favorites for the obvious reason. Different situations call for different cheers, and here is the main order of events. First, CU scores and the crowd goes nuts and starts dropping bonesaws. Next, the pep band plays their goal song, Tijuana. Third, the announcer says “It’s A…” and the crowd yells “Golden Knight Goal!!!”, and then the announcer says who it was. Finally, the basic chants to degrade the goalie and opposing team:

“One shot, one goal” – For if our first shot gets past the sieve
“Short handed goal” – A Golden Knight goals is scored on the other teams’ powerplay
“It’s all your fault, SIEVE!!!” – Every goal

Then there is the counting of the goals. The actual cheering isn’t difficult, but the order of the fingers used to count is. The first goal is represented by the index finger, second by the middle finger, third by the pinky, fourth by the thumb, and finally fifth by the ring finger. If there are more goals than that the order isn’t particularly important, feel free to improvise ‘cause the team is playing awesome.

O.K., what about all the other chants throughout the game?

There are quite a few chants that the student section takes part in throughout the game, and below is a list that comprises of most, but not all, of the chants and their purposes:

Chants for Clarkson:
“Let’s Go Tech” – All purpose chant
“Here we go Clarkson, Here we go” – All purpose chant
 “The price is wrong, Bitch!” – A successful powerplay kill

Chants for the other Team:
“You can’t skate” – When one of their players falls down
“You can’t count” – When they get a Too Many Men on the Ice penalty
“You got owned” – Whenever a Golden Knight lights up one of the bad guys
“Stickless…Stickless” – When someone drops their stick
“There's one minute remaining in the "blank" period of play....Oooooookay, but "school-name" still sucks!!!” - Pay attention to the time and listen closely for a student to start this
“Warm up the bus” – WARNING – Only for when we are up by 3 goals with under 1 minute left

Chants for the Refs (Always for when a bad call is made):
“Zebra, Zebra short and stout, find your head and pull it out”
“I’m blind, I’m deaf, I wanna be a Ref”

School Specific Chants
“Pump my gas” – Princeton (they are from New Jersey)
“Safety School” – RPI
“SUNY Rejects” – RPI, S.L.U.(t), etc.
“Flip my burger” - S.L.U.(t)
“Around the bowl, down the hole, go Brown go” – Brown
“MASSHOLES” – Harvard and UMass
“Fluff my pillow” - Cornell
“Where's my mint?” - Cornell

What about….
Listen, just about any clever remark that has very few syllables and will be easy to interpret is fair game. If you think of anything that is amusing or insulting towards the other team or a specific player, please, feel free to test it out loud. But, if it is terrible when you hear it outside of your brain, stop immediately and pretend like nothing happened.

If you feel that I have forgotten anything that you feel is important (which I can all but guarantee I probably have), please e-mail me ASAP so that I can add it to the page. Thank you. - Jeremy