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Marks Lights up the Scoreboard, Selina Posts Another Goal

Jeremy - November 3, 2007 - 10:32 pm

It was an exciting night in Cheel as Clarkson took on the Dartmouth Big Green. Although the first period started out with 2 Dartmouth goals, the Knights' fans knew that it just meant the boys would skate even harder. Tim Marks posted the first CU goal at around 13 minutes, with help from Matt Beca and Philippe Paquet, and the Knights entered the locker room down 1-2.

Even when it was looking like yet another evening of sloppy play, the Green and Gold really turned it around, finally connecting on their passes, taking shots and controlling the puck. The second period started with David Cayer taking advantage of a blue line opportunity and turning it into a goal on Devine at the 2 minute mark, with a little help from Scott Freeman and Tom Pizzo. Then Marks took another turn, with assistance from Beca and Shea Guthrie at 9:15 on a powerplay, giving the Knights the lead, 3-2. Why stop there? Marks was only one away from a Hat Trick and scored yet again on Devine, only 3 minutes after the last, again with Guthrie's help along with Chris D'Alvise. The Knights' lead was now 4-2.

With the shots up to 33 for the Knights and at only 13 for the Big Green, the third period saw the Green and Gold all over the puck once again. Darmouth did manage to make the game a little tighter at 5 minutes, closing the gap to 4-3. Towards the end, thanks to Devine getting pissy and taking a cheap shot at Nick Dodge's crotch, Dartmouth was down a player for two critical minutes. Even when Dartmouth pulled Devine in the last 45 seconds, the Knights maintained control of the puck and time ran out.

With the bonesaws waving 4 times, with 3 of those times thanks to Tim Marks, the Golden Knights sent Devine the Sieve and the Big Green packing, 4-3, as the Knights complete a 4 point ECAC weekend.

Another Note: St. Lawerence lost to Dartmouth last night, and then lost again tonight to Harvard, 6-1...boy SLU sucks.


The girls played game two against Maine this weekend, and after last nights shot parade by CU on the Black Bears, this game was a little more evenly matched. Only one goal was scored and it was by Clarkson's Britney Selina on a powerplay. It was Britney's 3rd goal of the weekend. In fact, she was the only player on either team to score this weekend. Congratulations to Ms. Selina on a fantastic effort this weekend as the Knights leave Maine with 2 victories winning last night 2-0 and today 1-0.