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-Kyle & Tyler

Both Teams Take Home Points in another ECAC Weekend

Jeremy - November 10, 2007 - 9:49 pm

On Friday night the Men's team took on Quinnipiac for the first time since the 2007 ECAC Championship Game where the Golden Knights came back from a 0-2 deficit in the 3rd period to win the game and the glory 4-2. Bud Fisher, the sieve the blew the game for the Bobcats back in March was too afraid to start the game, so instead the Knights faced Vetri in Quinnipiac's net. Too bad that they didn't start Vetri in the trophy game, cause maybe he would have been able to hold the Knight's down.

Quinnipiac drew first blood in the opening period, and although Clarkson tied it up twice thanks to goals by Chris D'Alvise and David Cayer, the Bobcats had the last score on a powerplay late in the third period. Any  chance Clarkson had was practically torn away when a line judge made a penalty call of "Too Many Men on the Ice" after the Knights pulled Leggio and had 6 men charging the net. This was probably the worst call of the year to this point, and even though the Bobcats ended up with a man in the box for the last 6 seconds as well, it just wasn't enough. The bonesaws were looking to devistate Bud Fisher again, but instead a suprise move giving Vetri the crease gives Quinnipiac the edge, as Clarkson loses a regular season game to Quinnipiac, 2-3.

Saturday Night would heed a different tale, as the Green and Gold marched into Poo-ton...I mean Princeton (it just smells like poo). The last time CU played here the Tigers somehow managed an upset winning 1-7 (probably because we had already clinched a bye through the first round of the playoffs). George Roll definitely had Smokehouse overnighted to the team to forget what happened last night and focus on beating the Tigers. The pulled pork sandwiches did their trick, as the Knights were up 3-0 by first period's end with Shea Guthrie, assisted by Dan Reed and David Cayer, scoring the first goal and Steve Zalewski following up with 2 scores of his own with help from Nick Dodge, Chris D'Alvise, Matt Beca and Reed.

The second period started off a little slow, but erupted again with Zalewski scoring another pair, assisted by Adam Bellows and Beca, to bring his total to 4 goals on the night. This is the first time in over a decade that a Clarkson player has scored 4 goals in a single game. Princeton tried to start what they might call a comeback by scoring a pathetic goal which was quickly forgotten as Scott Freeman added another tick to Clarkson's score, leaving the Knights up 6-1 at the end of two. Scaling back the offense in the third to give them some rest, Clarkson went scoreless in the third period, and Princeton added another goal to their pathetic evening on a powerplay. When all was said and done, the Bonesaws were drawn in spirit 6 times, as Clarkson defeats the suprisingly bad Princeton Tigers, 6-2.

For Friday, the women took on an RPI team that has put up an impressive resume to this point in the season. The game was quite a roller coaster, not in goals scored, but in opportunities created by each team that were thwarted one after another. After two scoreless first periods, Clarkson made the first noise as Genevieve Lavoie scored a powerplay goal with help from Carlee Eusepi to put the Knights on top. But only 3 minutes later RPI came back with a garbage goal to tie the game. The clock ticked away and we went into over time all tied up at 1.

Only 1:22 into overtime play, Jessica Cloutier got the puck to Katie Morrison who ditched it into the back of the net to score the game winning goal. After 61 minutes and 22 seconds of exciting gameplay, terrible music from the RPI pep band (who travelled with their women's team 'cause their men's team is so terrible) and a near fight between pep bands, the Bonesaws were dropped twice all over RPI, as the Golden Knights topple the Engineers, 2-1 in overtime.


Saturday Afternoon pitted the girls against Union (a very terrible team, most likely because of their close proximity to the Troy-let). The lady Knights took the game in hand in the first period with a pair of goals from Melissa Waldie thanks to a pair of assists from Britney Selina. Marie-Jo Gaudet added one more before the first period could end with some help from Genevieve Lavoie. After that the Golden Knights would't look back, and after two more scoreless periods, the game was over. The Bonesaws were burnt out after just 20 minutes, but they did their job...thrice, as the Green and Gold beat the Union...what the hell is their mascot anyway...oh yeah, something lame like the Flaming Dutchmen. Anywho, Clarkson defeats Union, 3-0.