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A Points a Point

Jeremy - January 19, 2008 - 12:55 am

Following last weekend's ECAC split, which included a loss to 10th place Dartmouth as well as Steve Zalewski's second hat trick of the season in the win over Harvard, the Golden Knights looked forward to this weekend as a chance to regain 1st place in the ECAC. Granted, the only reason Princeton and Quinnipiac are now ahead of Clarkson is because they have played two more league games, but they are both taking a break from league play this weekend, which gives the Knights their chance.

 Clarkson has had great success against Colgate over the past years, and they looks to continue that trend tonight as they took on the Raiders. The game started off rather slow, with the Knights only getting 8 shots off on "The Dex Show" in Colgates net, and Zalewski, who is probably the Knights hottest offensive player at moment, spent 4 minutes in the penalty box. But, the Green and Gold defense also kept the Raiders to a solemn 5 shots on Leggio.

The 2nd period started off and tears almost came to my eyes, as I saw a beautiful site thanks to Time Warner Sports broadcasting this game. For the first time since last season, I saw an offense that looked like last year's ECAC Champion Golden Knights. Colgate probably didn't even know there was a puck on the ice, as CU controlled it nearly completely, and were able to get 17 shots on goal, including a power play goal from Zalewski, assisted by Nick Dodge and Chris D'Alvise. Also, the defense was once again fantastic on the Green and Gold side, as the Raiders only put 8 shots on Leggio this time around.

It was almost too good to be true though, and the Raiders made sure of that as to start off the third, Clarkson got a penalty, and off the penalty face off, Colgate was able to score in just a couple quick passes to tie the game up. From that point on it was a complete 180 from the previous period with Colgate controlling the puck almost entirely. That is, at least until about the last 4 minutes, when CU definately turned it up and with the clock ticking down the Knights were able to get shot after shot off with no luck, including a last second shot by Grant Clitsome that grazed just wide of the net. This game was going to overtime.

Overtime has been kind to the Knights this season, as they have been unbeaten in overtime to this point. It was an intense 5 minutes of play, and although the box scores only show Clarkson having 1 shot on goal and Colgate with 2, it definately seemd more than that. But, the clock wound down to 0:00 and the game ended.

With the pep band in full force, the Bonesaw was unleashed once to keep the game steady,
and the game resulted in a tie between Clarkson and Colgate, 1-1, and CU moved into a 2nd place tie with Princeton.