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(Men) RPI Wishes This was Rivalry, (Women) Union Didn't Stand a Chance

Jeremy - January 26, 2008 - 3:22 pm

Before tonights hockey game, RPI officially applied to be a rival of the Clarkson Golden Knights. The application and its results can be viewed by clicking below.

Oh, it is always interesting when a first place team takes on a team of 10th place (out of 12) caliber. Will we get a beating, or will we get that occasional "let's play like crap guys and lose to the inferiors" situation? Well, this was the situation and the question for Friday night’s game where 1st place Clarkson took on 10th place RPI.

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The game started off at 7 PM and right away there was concern that we might get the latter of the scenarios playing out before our eyes. RPI definitely came out with some strength and managed to keep Clarkson in check to protect their sieve, Lange. But, the Knights' defense was playing very strong as well, and neither team allowed too many shots on goal during the first 20 minutes of play, with Leggio getting 6 saves, Lange making 5 and the score staying blank. Although, there is some controversy over one CU shot that pretty clearly went over the crease line and somehow bounced back out, but there was still 40 minutes of hockey to be played, and plenty of time for more scores.

So, the second period gets under way, and at 3:55, Cayer goes to the box and RPI has a 1 man advantage. Matt Beca would have nothing to do with this so called "power play", as he took the puck to Lange for a shorthanded goal at 5:02 with some assistance from Steve Zalewski. Six minutes later RPI tied it all up and once again left the crowd wondering how the night would end. But, Brandon DeFazio went unassisted at 15:26 to put the Green and Gold back on top and the period would end with CU leading 2-1.

It didn't take long for the Knights to rally again, as only 2:26 into the third, Chris D'Alvise scored for his second game in a row assisted by Shea Guthrie and Tim Marks. Then, RPI was able to pull off a goal on a power play to keep their hopes alive and the crowd on the edge of their seats. With the clock showing just under 2 minutes to play, Marks decided to show he doesn't need the net to be empty like last week at Cornell, as he puts the Knights up 4-2 with some help from D'Alvise and Dan Tuttle. RPI did pull Lange, but not for long, as RPI would receive a penalty with only 1:10 to go. So, up on the power play and a Golden Knight crowd to please, Guthrie scored on Lange with only 19 seconds remaining thanks to assistance from Adam Bellow and Marks.

So, after over 2 months of absence, ECAC Men's has returned to please the Bonesaws which attacked the "Engineers" 5 times, as the Clarkson Golden Knights devastate RPI, 5-2.


While the boys were playing RPI at home tonight, the girls were off playing Union, who proved to be a push over for this Knights offense and defense. Brooke Beazer started it off scoring at 4:30 in the first assisted by Marie-Jo Gaudet and Genevieve Lavoie. To end the first period, it was Lavoie scoring on a power play with assistance from Melissa Waldie and Britney Selina. Halfway through the second period, Kimberley McKenney took her turn in the onslaught with help from Waldie and Ashleigh Moorehead. Less than 3 minutes after that Amanda Dittmer took her turn putting up a tally assisted by Stefanie Wyss and Jessica Cloutier. So, entering the third with a 4-0 lead, Lavoie scored unassisted only 28 seconds into the period. Union had a chance on a power play just after that goal, but Selina went shorthanded at 1:41 assisted by Waldie. The rest of the game was filled with back and forth penalties, but Union was not able to get onto the board.

If only this were a home game, the Bonesaws would have had a flurry of 6 charges, as the Clarkson Golden Knights humiliate the Union Dutchmen, 6-0.