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-Kyle & Tyler

Huge Weekend Series Against S.L.U. (Women) and Colorado (Men)

Jeremy - January 31, 2008 - 12:17 am

This weekend, the Lady Knights, currently ranked 9th in the nation, will battle it out with the S.L.U.(t) "Less Than" Saints, who hold the 6th spot in the rankings, at home on Friday, and in Canton on Saturday. The Green and Gold currently find themselves in 3rd place in the ECAC behind 2nd place S.L.U.(t) and with a sweep this weekend they could be within 1 point of the ugly SLUzers. Be sure to come out and show your support at 7:00 PM on Friday in Cheel Arena, and if you are able to make the trip, let's take over 'Cr'Appleton Arena in Canton at 7:00 PM on Saturday to watch C.U. tear apart the team that S.L.U.(t) tries to pass off as a group of women. The Bonesaw Brigade will be there to help strike fear into the overweight Saints bench (oh yeah, our goal is to make some ladies cry).

The Men's team is making the long journey halfway across the country to meet at center ice against Colorado State who currently ranks 6th in the nation. Clarkson sits at #10 in the nation and two strong victories this weekend would definitely help that number go down. Be sure to check back here for final scores.