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-Kyle & Tyler

Minnesota, don't you like hockey?

Tyler - October 31, 2009 - 4:34 am

On Friday night Clarkson was defeated by Minnesota-Duluth 4 to 1.  Of course you have to take into account Defazio's absence.  A game-misconduct was given by a clearly bitter ref.  But that is not the important part, after all the Golden knights have started the season showing EPIC strength.  What is important is why the crowd at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center numbered only 3700.  The Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (or DECC as it is called by people from NASA who like using acronyms) has seating for over 5300 people.  Where were they?  Apparently not at hockey.   This troubles me for a number of reasons.  First, the University of Minnesota at Duluth has an attendance of more than 11000 students.  Second, the city itself is huge, numbering over 80,000.  The metropolitan area is even bigger, at over a quarter of a million people.  That means less than one and a half percent of the local population went to the game.  Compare that to more than 25 percent of the local population at the Clarkson SLU game.  Finally, hockey is big in the north country of NY but in Minnesota it is THE thing to do.  Have you ever seen Fargo?  The reason for this rant is that Minnesota Duluth needs to step it up.  Even if Lorenzo Music graduated from your school you still have to go to games a cheer on your team, or at least show up.