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-Kyle & Tyler

Women Sweep Parent's Weekend Games

- October 28, 2012 - 4:58 am

This weekend (10-26 and 10-27 2012) the Lady Golden Knights took home two wins, first against Union College and their second game against RPI.  

Erica Howe showed those Union Dutchwomen up by giving Clarkson another shutout, 6-0.  All of our goals were scored by different knights and with just about everyone getting an assist.  Those goals being scored by  Shelby Nisbet (13), Olivia Howe (16), Danielle Skirrow (28), Christine Lambert (22), Carly Mercer (19), and Brittany Styner (10).  The game was full of some intense footwork, numerous shots on goal, and more than spectacular teamwork.

The RPI game was a little more rough than what we have seen so far this season, with many questionable hits and trips that we don't normally see.  Unfortuneately, this game the ladies were not able to reenact the game from last year (10-0 with RPI leaving Cheel crying), but they were able to pull another 6 goals against RPI's 2.  The goals were scored by Oliva Howe (16), Danielle Skirrow (28), Daniella Matteucci (17), Shannon MacAulay (24), Carly Mercer (19), and Erin Ambrose (23).

So this brings our ladies up to a beautiful position of being ranked fourth in the nation, 7-1-0 overall and 2-0-0 ECAC.  Good job ladies, keep up the good work.