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At Least Clarkson isn't in Jersey

Jeremy - November 11, 2006 - 7:16 pm

Once again, it was gonna be a long game right from the start as Clarkson face Princeton tonight at Cheel Arena. Of course, as if not to mirror last night or anything, Princeton comes out and scores first, but Clarkson held strong, and was able to hold them off for the rest of the period, ending 0-1.

Then, with new hope in the second, Princeton knocked us all back down scoring at 44 seconds in. But, thanks to Mike Sullivan, we were able to explode in joy as he made sure we didn't have another scoreless period. Before the periods end, Princeton got one more past McNulty in Clarkson's net to lead them into the third ahead by 2.

Beca cut the lead to 1, scoring 7 minutes into the third, and there were many opportunities that the Knights simply let slip by them. The game would have been tied, but it turns out the refs are still deciding to screw Clarkson out of goals, although they did do a much better job at not calling the Green and Gold on every little hit.

Unfortunately in the end there was just not enough opportunities to raise the saws, with the Bonesaws only being unleashed twice, the Golden Knights lose to Princeton, 2-3.

Note: Princeton decided tonight that Quinnipiac's strategy of smacking the puck out into the stands to end any threat the Knights' have in their end was a great idea. So Princeton may have actually accomplished this feat more than Qunnipiac.

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