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SLU(t) Goes Down

Jeremy - December 5, 2006 - 10:04 pm

With people waiting in line starting Monday night, and the student section being filled with seat fillers right at 4 when the doors opened, the electricity was in the air. By 6 PM there were rumors that both Santa Clauses were predicting a CU victory.

The game started with very sloppy puck handling by everyone on the SLU team. Clarkson, though very aggressive and showing near dominance over the puck, was having some trouble holding onto it as well. But, the Knights drew blood first as Shawn Weller scored with only 7 seconds of play left in the first period.

The second period was long and filled with pauses as several icing calls and penalties lead to a drawn out scoreless period.

But, with the good always comes the bad, and early in the third period, the SLUzers finally tagged one onto the score board, tieing it up, 1-1. A presumed Golden Knight's goal only a few minutes later was overturned after the ref reviewed it with Instant Replay. Then, Clarkson jumped in joy again as Guthrie shot it past Tisi in SLU's net. In desperation, the Saints pulled their goalie, and Weller capped off the game with an empty net shot.

After frustration and a lot of fun, the Knights tie things up in the ECAC on their way to NUMBER 1, letting the fans raise the Bonesaws 3 times as they skate all over the SLU(t) SLUzers 3-1!!!!

Some other quick things to mention:
  • JFK owns.

  • Instant Replays are only used against us.

  • D'Alvise cracked a SLUzer in the face with his stick.

  • We didn't get any major penalties.

  • SLUzers can't skate.

  • Weller is an unstoppable force on the ice.

  • The Knights are in a streak of 31 penalty kills

  • Leggio is a wall.

  • JFK owns.
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