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It's NOT Taylor time!

Jeremy - January 23, 2007 - 9:38 pm

It is indeed, not 'Taylor Time.'

On a cold January evening, in the town of Potsdam, NY, a team of men, no....Knights climbed aboard a bus leaving Cheel Arena at Clarkson University. These Knights of Potsdam, defenders of the Bonesaw, were draped in Green and Gold and bearing the symbol ?CU'. They were to travel not more than 15 minutes to the village of Canton where, in the hold of Appleton Arena they would battle their arch nemesis, St. Lawrence University. Here there would be a fight on the ice to see who would leave two points richer in the ECAC.

The game began and quickly the traveling fans from Clarkson were put aback as the Saints of SLUzerton took the lead very quickly by scoring twice in the first period. But, one Knight took it onto his shoulders, scoring two goals in retaliation. This courageous man is named Matt Beca. Petizian, the SLUzers sieve, was now marked for elimination. So the Knights now found themselves in a more comfortable position, and the stage was set as the game entered the third period in a tie, 2-2.

No time was wasted as Nick Dodge, team Captain, skated down the ice and scored in the opening minutes of the period. To add a little bit of security to the Golden Knights lead, Tyrell Mason slid one by the now distraught and panicking SLU(t)s. A penalty against Clarkson slowed the advance, but nearing the end of the period, another one-two punch sealed the deal.

Chris D'Alvise took advantage of a puck turnover and shot one right past Petizian.This marked the end for Petizian as he entered the SLUzers bench, and proceeded to weep. But alas, a new brave soul by the name of Pesony dared to take the spot of sieve against the CU onslaught. To continue the offense-defense trend, Shawn Weller nets one just seconds after D'Alvise. The excitement was high, and the red jerseys of the SLUzer's was perfect to represent their blood that was spilled all over the ice.

To recap, the scoring summary was as follows:
SLUzer, SLUzer, Beca, Beca, Dodge, Mason, D'Alvise, Weller.
That's right folks, the Bonesaws were raised 6 times, and the Golden Knights pulled in 2 more ECAC points as the Green and Gold WIN 6-2!!!