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-Kyle & Tyler

I'll Take It

Jeremy - January 26, 2007 - 9:59 pm

Tonight kicked off an Ivy League double header for the weekend. Dartmouth stepped up against the Knights tonight, with Harvard skating into Cheel tomorrow. This is a big weekend to pick up some points and some ground on first.

The only scoring in the first period came from Dartmouth at around 8 minutes into the game. At the end of the period Dartmouth had an opportunity to score, but fearless Leggio skated out of net to tackle the threat. Some scary moments followed as Leggio seemed to be down for the count, but no man can destroy him, and he continued the game.

Chris D'Alvise tied the game up at the midway mark for the second period. Unfortunately Dartmouth regained the lead about 5 minutes later, and the period came to a close with Clarkson down 1-2.

Enter the third, and welcome another CU goal; this one shorthanded. Paquet was able to sneak the puck by Devine in Dartmouth's net despite their power play advantage. But Leggio, possibly still a little shaken from his heroic efforts in the first, was unable to stop two more goals from Dartmouth, and the Knights were down 2-4 with less than 7 minutes remaining. Then, Dodge took the opportunity on a Clarkson power play to begin a comeback, scoring with 6:45 left. With the crowd on their feet and biting their nails, once again Dodge was able to tie the game less than 2 minutes from the horn.

The game was sent into overtime, where neither net could be cracked. After a stomach twisting evening, the Bonesaws came out 4 times, and Clarkson picks up 1 more point, tying Dartmouth, 4-4.

On a side note, the Bonesaw Brigades founding fathers were nearly kicked out of tonights game after being falsely accused of drinking during the game. Despite how ridiculous we may act, this section is probably where the absolute least drinking occurs amongst the student section. If they really want to kick people out for drinking, then they should look to anyone that leaves between periods and comes back repeatedly with full cups of "Pepsi."

The way we were treated tonight is ridiculous. We are the loudest, most supportive fans in cheel arena. But now when we enter the arena, we are treated like criminals. The student section wasn't even particularly loud or rowdy tonight, yet we almost get thrown out because someone in the crowd thinks we were drinking. Absolutely ridiculous.