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-Kyle & Tyler

No More Ties!

Kyle - January 27, 2007 - 9:19 pm

4-2 Knights over Harvard. Our recap tonight will be by our very own Omega Bonesaw Handler: Patrick Becker. Take it away, Pat.
Tonight was a close game against "Haaavard", marked with penalty trouble and close calls, but ultimately ending in the Green and Gold pulling ahead in the last few minutes of play.

Harvard made some negligible goals in the first two periods, using their sloppy techniques to confuse Tech (at first). Harvard's attempts were of little effect, and deserve little attention.

After Harvard's first, Sullivan responded gracefully and delicately sliding one past Richter uncontested at 7:54 of the first. Guthrie then attacked Harvard's goal on a rebound from D'Alvise to even the score in the third.

Weller's precision pass set up Beca to move the Knights ahead, this goal happened during "Weller time" in the third period. Crimson began to look a little less Crimson, and perhaps a little bluer, among the vicious waves of Bonesaws and sieves. Under heavy surveillance and guards, the Brigade overcame in the third to show IV leaguers what Clarkson Hockey is all about.

Leggio knows no equal in goal, shutting down any offensive attempts Harvard in the third. The almighty Weller once again proved his superiority against his opposition, and was a definite element in this Green and Gold victory.

Guthrie set in place the win skating past Harvard defense to slap in an empty net goal. The game ended among jingling keys, a riled up crowd, and of course unending Bonesaw Mayhem. The Bonesaws were raised 4 times, The Knights win it 4-2.

A little taste of sadness was met at the game's end with word of Dodge's injury. Dodge hopefully will recover quickly, and we look forward to his return.