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-Kyle & Tyler

A Split Weekend for the Guys, Season Ender for the Girls

Jeremy - February 25, 2007 - 12:53 pm

The men's team entered the toxic wasteland that is New Jersey on Friday night to take on Princeton. Disoriented by the smog in the air and the sludge-like ice, the Knights were unable to stop an undoubtedly mutated team of radioactive freaks. Leggio was phamfouzled 4 times in the first period, and was relieved by McNulty whose fate was not much better. Clarkson did muster one powerplay goal off the stick of Chris D'Alvise, but the efforts just weren't enough in this land of fall-out.

Wanting the game to end as fast as possible to escape any long lasting radiation poisoning, the Bonesaws only came out once, as Clarkson leaves Princeton to decay in their own filth, losing 1-7.

However on Saturday night, now in the fresh air of Connecticut to take on the Quinnipiac Bobcats, Clarkson looked as though they were given a second chance at life. Leggio had over 42 saves in a game that was scoreless until the 3rd minute of the 3rd period. Shea Guthrie mounted first goal on a powerplay. Then, Weller went unassisted for his own score. Quinnipiac managed to get one by #33, but the game ended with two more Clarkson goals on an empty net, one by Clitsome, the other by Cayer.

The Golden Knights cap off the regular season by bringing out the saws 4 times, as Clarkson wins over Quinnipiac 4-1.

Unfortunately the news isn't as sweet for the womens team. This weekend they played in the first round of the playoffs against St. Lawrence, and although they put up one hell of a fight, the ladies were ousted out of the playoffs losing Friday night, 2-3, and then again on Saturday 1-3. They Lady Knights played one hell of a season, and we know they will be back for vengeance next year. From all of us in the Bonesaw Brigade, Congratulations on a successful season girls!!!