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Semi-Finals Here We Come!!!

Jeremy - March 11, 2007 - 6:53 pm

For the second knight in a row, Clarkson faced Harvard for the ECAC Quarterfinals. Already up one game, CU looked to seal the deal with a win over the Crimson. The Knights came out strong, looking a lot fresher than last night, and they knew what they were playing for. There was a lot of back and forth play as minute after minute of the first period ticked by, and finally, on the second powerplay attempt of the night, Grant Clitsome knocked the puck by Tobe, putting the Green and Gold up by one.

So, the second period started off 1-0, with Clarkson killing a penalty on Clitsome that he received late in the first. Then, Mason received a penalty 13:40 into the period, and Hahvahd was able to attack the net with three men and luckily squeeze one by the leagues #1 goaltender, Leggio (it was all luck, pure luck). The period would end in a tie, 1-1.

Enter the third period, and with it comes a sense of uneasiness. What was wrong? Finally, someone realized, there had only been a total of 5 penalties to this point, so obviously Murphy wasn't reffing, which was a good omen. Even so, there was a lot more of back and forth play, and a lot of opportunities that were missed. Then, just over 16 minutes in, Mike Sullivan pushes the puck across the line into the net, or so it seemed. Harvard had the nerve to challenge the ruling, and after sitting down only 15 seconds, he came back out and signaled for what undoubtedly was a "Golden Knight Goal!!!" In similar fashion to last night, Tobe was pulled from the net with 1:30 remaining, and although the puck remained down by steadfast Leggio for most of those last seconds, the Crimson couldn't turn anything in, and with the puck slowing drifting into Harvard's empty net just after the buzzer, it was settled.

The Golden Knights turn down Harvard once again, unleashing the Bonesaws twice in their 2-1 victory, advancing them to the ECAC Semi-Finals!!!

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